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Drink Up With The Glow in the Dark Dicky Sipper

Aug 4, 2009

Having a few drinks at your bachelorette party? Why not sip them out of a penis?! (A question we ask ourselves all the time, hehe.)

The Glow in the Dark Dicky Sipper is a plastic penis-looking 13 oz. sports bottle with a very large penis head, with a straw attached. Don’t worry, it’s glow-in-the-dark, so it’ll be visible in even the most darkly lit clubs and bars! It’s only $7.49, cheaper than the price of most drinks, and the pictures of the bachelorette and her maids sipping out of this naughty novelty will be absolutely priceless.

Your bachelorette party will be even more saucy with the Dicky Sipper. You can thank us when you see the photos the next day ;-)

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